New Team Application Process


At Soccer Spectrum, we believe in the power of community and the growth of the beautiful game. We understand the importance of welcoming new teams into our soccer community, and we want to ensure that this process is as smooth and customer-friendly as possible. This article outlines the steps in adding new teams to our community and highlights the significance of providing a warm and welcoming environment for all newcomers.

Tools Needed: 

Access to ZenDesk Support,

ZenDesk Explore Dashboard:  


Estimated Time: 1 Week



How to Send an Invoice:


How to apply a team deposit to a team:


Step 1: New Team Application

To kick-start adding a new team to our community, Team Interested should complete the New Team Application, which can be found on our website. This application is the initial point of contact that triggers the workflow. Here's what happens after completion:


1.1 Zen Desk Ticket Assignment:

Upon submission, a ZenDesk Ticket is automatically assigned to our League Builder. This ticket is the central point for managing the onboarding process.


1.2 Welcome Email Review:

The Team Manager will receive an automatic Welcome Email. They must review this email carefully as it contains valuable information about our community and the upcoming steps.


1.3 New Team Checklist:

The New Team Checklist is attached to the ZenDesk Ticket, ensuring that all necessary steps are clearly documented and tracked.


Step 2: Communication with the League Builder

We understand the urgency in welcoming new teams, so, a call from the League Builder to the Team Manager should happen as quickly as possible (preferably with in 5 hours of the initial ticket.  During this conversation:


2.1 Notes Field:

The League Builder will capture important notes from the conversation within the ZenDesk Ticket's Notes Field, ensuring transparency and easy reference.


2.2 Follow-Up Email:

A follow-up email is sent by the League Builder using a ZenDesk Macro. This email reaffirms the warm welcome and provides additional guidance.


Step 3: Creating a DaySmart Profile

The League Builder works collaboratively with the Team Manager to create a DaySmart Profile. This profile will be instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition into our soccer community.


Step 4: Invoice Submission

The League Builder will send an invoice to the Team Manager, detailing the necessary fees for joining our league. Clear and transparent billing is essential for a positive onboarding experience.


Step 5: Standby Teams Communication

Standby teams are an integral part of our community. We believe in maintaining open communication with them during every season to keep them informed about the status of their league spot. 


Step 6: Team Acceptance

Once a team is accepted, the League Builder will communicate with the team and outline the next steps.  The League Builder will create a First Game Future Ticket (The date is set to the Team First Game, and the Time is 8 AM.)


From here the New Team Welcome Process will be initiated to ensure a seamless transition into our community.


Adding new teams to the Soccer Spectrum community is not just a transaction; it's about expanding our family and strengthening our soccer community. We believe in providing a customer-friendly and welcoming experience for all teams, whether they are new to the league or returning for another season. These steps outlined above are designed to make the onboarding process efficient and enjoyable. We look forward to seeing your team on the pitch and sharing the beautiful game together!



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