Uniform Policy


  • Dress Code

    • The dress code for all employees at all times that you are on duty shall be the Soccer Spectrum issued t-shirt or polo along with shorts, jeans, or warm up pants.  Holes in attire are not allowed.  Managers must wear their nametag
  • Shirt
    • Each employee may have 2 FREE Soccer Spectrum t-shirts. Plan ahead so you have a clean shirt before your shift.   Additional shirts may be purchased for $5 each.
  • Shoes 
    • must be either athletic shoes or tennis shoes.  No open toe shoes are allowed.  
  • Shorts 
    • must be of appropriate length. No short shorts.
  • Hats 
    • Ball cap style hats are allowed, but must be worn appropriately.  No other type of hat is allowed. 
  • Hoodies
    • No hoodies may be worn on your head at any time and should be worn under your Soccer Spectrum shirt if you choose to wear one
  • Piercings
    • We do not allow any facial piercings while on duty.

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