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Soccer Spectrum is one of the oldest Indoor Soccer facilities in North Texas, established in 1986.  In 2021 Soccer Spectrum started a new chapter to its proud legacy, bringing a renewed energy and vision for the next 30 years.

The following is a comprehensive list of rules relating to 7v7 soccer:


Soccer Spectrum reserves the right to modify league rules at their discretion and will update the website accordingly in the best interest of our guests.  Soccer Spectrum will also have the final decision on any suspensions, rule discrepancies, or controversial issues that may arise during or after play.



● 21 Max Roster
● Rosters locked by the start of the 4th game.
● Players may not be rostered on teams from the same division.

● Captains are responsible for ensuring their roster is accurate and all players are included/removed from their rosters by the 4th game.  This can be easily done on the DaySmart team manager profile by inviting or dropping players.

● Guest players are not allowed for 7v7.
● Rosters are tracked on the DaySmart App


● There will be a maximum of 7 players per team on the field at any one time.
● Each team may field 6 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper on the field at one
● The Coed game format consists of 3 female players on the field (if only 1-2 are available, the team must play 1- 2 players down.) and 3 male players on the field. 

● The Goalie is either.  Male players may not sub in for female players. Female players may sub in for male players. 

● There must always be 1 male player on the field.  For Men’s leagues, women may play, but men’s rules will apply.

● Teams must have at least 5 players to play the game; otherwise, it will be a



● Female goals will count as two (2) points 

● Male goals will always count as one (1) point

● In the event of a deflection by the defense, the last offensive player touching the ball will determine the number of points awarded. 

● Any goals scored directly by a defender shall count as one (1) goal.

● PK's will always count as one (1) point.


Men’s & Women’s Leagues

●Goals will always count as one (1) point.

●PK's will always count as one (1) point.



● Team Captains must register their team at Daysmartrecreation.com
● All Outdoor leagues consist of an 8-game regular season. 1-2 Playoff games per team based on league standings.
● Team Fees are $850

● 1/2 of the team payment must be made on week 1 and the remainder
paid in full on week 3 before the game can begin. 

● Any teams who fall into delinquency after week 3 will have their game scores reversed to a 3-0 loss. 

● If both teams are in delinquency, the game will be left unscored. 

● Referee Fees are included. There will always be two referees on the field per game.


NTSSA Outdoor player card is required. Each player must submit their own valid
I.D. card to the referee or assistant referee and be registered on that team in
order to be eligible to play. 

● Players with no ID Cards will be instructed to leave the sidelines and watch from the Outdoor patio. 

Driver's Licenses are not accepted on the field for play.


Substitutions are unlimited during the games and must be made at a stoppage in play at the halfway line.
● Outgoing substitutions must leave the field of play before the replacement
enters the playing area.

● Exiting players may exit the field from anywhere on the field

● All players must sub at the halfway line. 


● The match will consist of two halves (2x20) with 1-minute half-time.
● Field size is approximately 165’ x 115’
● Goals are 7’ x 21’
● Penalty area is: 2’X24’
● A size 5 ball will be used.  Game ball will be provided by the teams.  Each team should bring one (1) soccer ball each game.  Soccer Spectrum is not responsible for lost or damaged soccer balls.
● Referees will each hold game time individually. It is the referee's discretion to
implement stoppage time.
● The offside rule does not apply.
● In case of a tie after regulation time during group play, the game will finish as
a draw.
● Each team should bring two sets of matching jerseys (light and dark). The
away team (2nd team listed) is required to change uniforms if jerseys between
opposing teams conflict.

● All USSF Rules apply - US Soccer: www.ussoccer.com - The following notes are for clarification only.   Soccer Spectrum will no longer be doing kick-ins, but will be complying with USSF rules and doing throw-ins instead.

● An INDIRECT free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the top of the
penalty box in the event the following infractions incur:

- Keepers using their hands when a ball is passed back to them
by a teammate, unless it is played back to them via head, chest, or

- The keeper takes longer than 5 seconds to put the ball back in play once they have handled it.
● All other free kicks are DIRECT.
● Opposing players must be at least 5 Yards away from the ball before kickoffs.

● A penalty kick shall be awarded when a foul occurs in the penalty box.
● A penalty kick shall be taken 3 steps from the top of the penalty box.

● All players must wear shin guards that are covered by socks; and a same
shade jersey as their team. 
● Players will be sent off the field if they have a shin guard violation until they
have the proper gear.
● The goalkeeper must wear a different-colored jersey.
● No watches or jewelry.
● Casts and braces may be wrapped at the referee’s discretion.

● All players must wear shirts (no shirts vs. skins).
Numbers ARE required.  No Number - No Play!  Numbers should be unique (no same #'s for the same team at the same time.) 

Numbers must be permanently and affixed (no sharpie/write-ons or taped on numbers are allowed). 


We understand there will be occasions where a team will be unable to play in
their scheduled match. Should this situation arise, please follow our reschedule
procedure by sending an email to info@soccerspectrum.com.

● This will create a ticket on our help desk, and we will do our best to see if another team can swap games to accommodate your request. These must be submitted no later than 72 hours before the scheduled game.

Reschedules are not guaranteed.


Soccer Spectrum does not do forfeits. We want to ensure our teams have the highest quality soccer experience playing at our facility. As a result, we have instituted an aggressive policy:
- If a team is running late, the opposing team will be awarded a goal 5 minutes
after the scheduled start time.
- A forfeit will be awarded if an opposing team is not ready to play within 5
minutes of a scheduled start time.
- The clock starts at the scheduled kickoff time and time will not be made up if
a team shows up late.
- A forfeit will go down as a 3-0 win for the team that is there and ready to play.
- If both teams do not show, and are not ready to play – neither team will be
awarded points.
- For any team that forfeits a game, a forfeiture fee of $100 will be
charged to the team. This fee will be awarded to the team that showed up for the scheduled match.
Teams with more than 2 forfeits during the regular season may not be allowed to participate in Playoffs.
Teams that forfeit more than once in a season a team may be subject to
being removed from the league without a refund.

RE-STARTING THE GAME - USSF Rules apply - US Soccer: www.ussoccer.com


● Slide tackling is not permitted in any division (except reasonable play by a
goalkeeper inside their box, as determined by the referee).
● Delay of game is called when:
- The defending player lines up closer than 5 yards for a free kick deliberately delaying the restart will result in a caution. 
- A player taking longer than 6 seconds to put a free kick in play after
having been signaled to do so by the referee.
- The goalkeeper not distributing the ball outside the box within 6
seconds of possession with either hands or feet.

●Only Soccer Spectrum staff, rostered players, team captains, and referees are allowed on the fields.  Children and spectators are not allowed on the field at any time as they are not covered by liability.


● The game clock on the scoreboard runs continuously throughout the game.

● Teams are to be on the field ready to play at their scheduled time. The clock
will stop for injuries.

● The clock will be stopped for all whistles in the last 2-minutes of the second half of a championship game.

In all other instances, the clock can only be stopped at the referee’s discretion.


- Players ejected from a match for a red card for any offense will be
suspended until the referee report is reviewed and a determination will be made.

- The player receiving the red must leave the facility immediately.
- Ejections for violent actions including, but not limited to fighting may result in extended or permanent suspensions. 


- A yellow card is a warning on the field.

-After a second yellow card players will automatically be given a red card and will be ejected from the facility, the same as receiving a straight red card.

- Offensive language is considered to warrant an ejection.  Any language
directed towards officials, opponents, or spectators will result in ejection from
the game.
- Soccer Spectrum does not tolerate violent conduct, verbal abuse, threatening
behavior, racist/hateful language, or spitting at or near officials, staff, or opponents. 

- Any violations of the above infractions may result in temporary or permanent suspension from our facility.

● Semi-finals for the “Championship” round
○ 1st vs 4th
○ 2nd vs 3rd
○ Final game - 1st vs 2nd

We may also offer a consolation game based on available space with the following format:
● Semi-finals for the Consolation round (when applies)
○ 5th vs 8th
○ 6th vs 7th

- For any playoff game that ends in a tie, the game will go straight to
penalties where 5 kicks will be taken by each team. If tied after 5, then
sudden death will take place.
● In the Co-Ed division, the penalty kicks must be taken alternately by gender
(male/female/male or vice versa).

All team members on the roster must kick (unless injured – ref determines) before a player takes a second shot.


Standings are determined by wins, losses, and ties.
● WIN = 3 points
● TIE = 1 point
● LOSS = 0 points
● FORFEIT = 3-0 win (worth 3 points)
The best overall team record determines playoff positioning. Our software
system cannot determine head-to-head, so in the case of a tie, Soccer
Spectrum will determine who won the league after looking at the standings.
In the event of a tie in records, the following tie-breaking system will be used:

A) head-to-head play B) Goals differential C) Goals for D) Goals Against

Individuals may play on different teams provided; 1) they are on the team roster,
2) they are not competing on two teams within the same league. 3) in a
division with 3 or more leagues the player may not play in a top division and a
bottom division.
In an effort to provide the most fun and competitive environment for all teams,
Soccer Spectrum reserves the right, if necessary, to place teams in the
appropriate division based on the level of play and /or ability of the players.

Our Current Divisions:
● Men’s Open (18 years & older)
● Men’s Over 30 (each team will get 2 exemptions over 27)
● Men’s Over 40 (each team will get 3 exemptions over 35)
● Men’s Over 50 (each team will get 5 exemptions over 45)
● Women’s Open (18 years & older)
● Women’s Over 30 (each team will get 2 exemptions over 27)
● Co-Ed Open (18 years & older)
● Co-Ed Over 30 (each team will get 2 exemptions over 27)

● Players who are suspected of having sustained a concussion shall be
removed from play immediately.


Our inclement weather policy may be found here:



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